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Three days ago, grade 10 from SMA Negeri 3 Bandung held an event again. But the event aim to changed attitude students to be better. The event call LDKS or Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa. LDKS held in Resimen Induk Daerah Militer III/Siliwangi. Resimen Induk Daerah Militer can we call Rindam. On schedule, we were there for 3 days 2 night and so many goods we have to brought.

The first day, we must arrived at 06.30 in Rindam. Fortunatelly, i came on time. When i came, i was told to make a line with my friend. Then we were led into Mundinglaya Hall with senior. It turns out, my friends had come. We were told to sit. 30 minutes later, we were getting ready to opening ceremony. Ohya, not only guided by senior and teachers but also we were guided by army. When divided barrack, i got Mungdinglaya 2 barrack. Mudinglaya 2 could accomodated for about 60 student.

When in the barrack, we are commanded to save our bags and we must brought a school cap. We were given time only 15 second or less. In LDKS, we should be alert when we ordered to do something. After 15 second, we must have make three lines and seniors will lead us to Mundinglaya Hall.

In Mundinglaya Hall, we got many lesson, especially about we must have keep ourselves as teenagers. We also ask and sharing about that, I think, this theme isn,t boring. I really enjoyed the moment.

At 12.00 pm, we pray and lunch. When we eat, we shouldn't be noise. Our seniors always remind us about that. Many rules when we eat in LDKS and we must obey it. After take a break, we go to the yard for PBB. PBB is Peraturan Baris Berbaris. Honestly, i am very lazy when PBB activities because PBB make me tired. 

Because it was 15.00 pm, its time to ishoma!!!! hooray!! Our senior always lead us to our barrack. And they give us 15 second to bring our goods for take a bath. But for take a bath, seniors just give us 3 minutes for it. I don't know how i take a bath in 3 minutes. Finally, i just change my uniform to dress and washing my face hm. I was not comfortable-__-. After everything was good, our senior lead us to mosque to pray and dinner. Dinner held as at lunch. We must obey many rules.

The next activities carried out until 10.00pm. And we also slept,
Activity of second days are same as activity on first day. The different is the second day is longer. I am very happy because the third day was comming yeay, but little sad ahaha. 


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Dewa Athena
You must think if Dewa Athena is goddess on Greek mythology. But, in my school Dewa Athena is a competition between classes like porak (pekan olahraga antar kelas in Bahasa). Dewa Athena also have a meaning, but I don’t know the meaning. Dewa Athena held every year and followed by grade 10 until grade 11.
My school (SMA Negeri 3 Bandung) held Dewa Athena 2017. A month ago, OSIS SMA Negeri 3  Bandung published about Dewa Athena to each class. They said we must be participated. If we didn’t participated, our class would give a fine of Rp 100.000,- for each competition. Oh, and they also said that for each class must made a jersey, the jersey would used at Dewa Athena and characterizes for every class. My class chose to made our own jersey from design until sew.

Dewa Athena held  on 25 March, 1 April, and 8 April for grade 10. For grade 11 held on 23 March, 24 March, and 8 April. So grade 10 and grade 11 will meet in Dewa Athena On 8 April. I’m so excited to participated. So man…


A week ago, my teacher told my friends and i to disscussed about places. I choose Jeju Island for my theme. Why i choose Jeju Island? Because i like Korean culture and wacthed Korean Dramas. Jeju Island always in Korean Dramas.So, I will tell you about Jeju Island!Jejudo or Jeju Island is the biggest island in South Korea. The island lies in Korea Strait, southwest of South Jeolla Province. The island was formed about 2 million years ago by volcano activity. Jeju island has a nickname, the island of no three kinds, and many three kinds. This means it was originally labeled the island of triple abundance: Wind, stones, and women, added to its reputation the fact it doesn't have beggars, thieves, or locked gates. Many places in Jeju Island can make you interest. The interesting places in Jeju Island like Manjaggul Lava Tube, Seongsan Ilchulbong or "Sunrise Peak", a volcanic tuff cone and crater, Mount Hallasan, Jeju Teddy Bear Museum, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls and Jeju Lovela…