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The word nature is derived from Latin. The meaning of ‘Nature’ simply is everything in the heavens and everything in the earth. Nature includes many things, such as forests, seas, mounts, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, insects, mammals, seasons, plants, and others.Within the various uses of the word today, "nature" often refers to geology and wildlife. Nature can refer to the general realm of living plants and animals. Nature is always around us. Wherever we are, nature is always around us and we can not avoid this fact. Nature always provides all human needs, but sometimes human never understand never respect or never give thank to nature.

Let us think, nature gives many benefits and lessons to our life as a human. We can learn the meaning of life from nature. It is so amazing, right? We can learn from nature if we always pay attention and we always respect to nature. Things we can learn from nature is love, peace and harmony, required to cleanse negativity in our mind, everything has a purpose, beauty in simplicity and good stuff always follows bad stuff.

First, nature is love. Without love, everything is a waste. The truth is love can come from anywhere. Whether it be from people, animals or plant even from the small things in this world. Nature can give many love for people who want to be loved. It gives you comfort and peace of mind if you are around them. When you breath, you can feel your soul flow like water in river.

Second, peace and harmony. This part is almost similar to the previous. You can get peace and harmony everytime you come to the beach or forest. When you hear the sound of bird, water, wind, and even sound of your step foot stepping on foliage, it can make you feel peace and harmony. Every tiny part of nature harmoniously co-exists with every other part. There is unity in harmony. Without us know, when we In the stillness of the lakes, atop the lofty mountains and deep within the sea, peace and inner calm go to our soul.

Third, become stronger. Nature make anyone to be strong. So many example from nature can make you strong. For example is Gnarled. The oldest known organism on Earth is the bristlecone pine, which can live over 5,000 years. Gnarled and stunted-looking, grotesquely wind-flagged and seemingly half-alive, they grow near treeline in the super harsh alpine environments of the Rockies and Sierra, with extreme conditions almost year round.

Then, everything has a purpose. Everyone in earth has a purpose and its purpose is survive. Althought it’s different but everything has a purpose. Animals needs food as well as humans. Plant needs water as well as humans too. See? They all need that to survive because nature just selects only they can survive. Those who can not survive will be eliminated from nature.

Fifth, Beauty in simplicity. Got a beauty in simplicity is not difficult. Just respect and be grateful to yourself. So many animals or plants looks beautiful althought maybe people call it ugly but it has attractiveness and benefits for human or nature or others. So, beauty not see from shape your body or your face but your attitude and you do good to others will show your beauty.


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