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                I spent most of my time during the holiday at home. My parents thought that we went out home during the holiday there would be traffic jam, so we spent our holiday at home. When my family wants to go on vacation, my mom always conc
At home, I just lying in bed, ate well, watched tv or Korean dramas, played games, took a bath,and others. But, when i was watching some videos in youtube, i saw something interisting. Yeah, it is made journal or something like planner. So, i don't waste my holiday hehehe. 
First, when i got idea to made a planner, i thought that i must made a list of goods that will be needed to made my planner. I thought very hard, because i want my planner looks simple but fresh. After wathced some videos about making planner in youtube, i got my answer about that what i want. I must bought a binder, many papers for binder, a tape, a sticky notes, origami papers, a stick glue, a open, a scissor, a paperclips. 
Finally, after one week, my planner was done yeaay. 
At holiday, i also watched some korean dramas. The title of dramas is She was Pretty and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I love korean dramas so much. An actor so handsome and i like it. I know i should not watched korean dramas untill night, so i watched until 10 p.m. 
But, overtime i was bored of my holiday. I asked my parents to went to Jungle Land in Bogor. But, my father said highway would be jammed because impact from Tol Cisomang. 
On the week two, precisely on Tuersday to Saturday, i had schedule training cabaret for Nagabonar. So, i could go out home. I could met my friends and coach. But, on Saturday, my father took my sister, my father, and I to Tangkuban Perahu. I had never been there since i birth. The view of crater was so beautiful but the crater has been frozeen. I could see a little smoke from the crater. As you know, the smeel of the crater wasn't good. After from Tangkuban Perahu. i went to Lembang to buy some tofus, some youghurts and ice called Es Lilin. Lembang's tofu was soooooooooo delicious.


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Hello, guys! My name is Rifasya Ayuna Faikar. I was born in Bandung April 15th 2001. I live at Ujung Berung street, so far from SMAN 3 Bandung. My father work in SMPN 12 Bandung as a teacher and my mother just a housewife. I have one sister. Her name is Riisyafa Ayuna Faikar, now she is at grade 9 in SMPN 22 Bandung. 

In junior high school, i got many friends. I got a very nice class. Honestly, I am falling in love too with one of my friends in the class. Believe it or not, i still have a relationship with him, although we are different school. Oh, my friends always call me 'Madam'.I dont know for sure why they call me Madam, but i am comfortable about 'Madam'.

My favorite subject is math. I dont know why but i really like math since i joined a math organization. I am really into books. I like reading novels.

I like many kind of foods. Especially ice cream. I really love ice cream. I usually buy 3 ice creams once at week. The taste of ice cream is very delicious a…


So many events held by my school. One of them was Paman Gober. I forgot the extention from Paman Gober, but the point of that was cycling and planting trees together. Paman Gober also followed by the teachers and students from grade 10th until 11th. So, the event was very crowded and excited.

Paman gober was held Saturday, 7.00 a.m at Lapangan Bali. Of course a requirement to followed the event was we must brought bicycle. I want to brought mu bicycle, but because of something, i couldn't brought that. Fortunately, the school provides soooooo many bicycle to lend. At 6.45 a.m, i came to school to chose a bicycle. There, i met a few of my friend and my cousin. My cousin taunted me, he say if i must chose a bicycle that fit to my body, because i was too short. But i just ignored it. I thought i must chose a bicycle that was not so high and if i ride that i have no trouble. After got around, i choose folding bicycle. The colour was purple and i like that. My folding bicycle was comfor…